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Kids’ Diets From Around The World Reveal Huge Differences

Photographer Gregg Segal has snapped pictures of kids from around the world, surrounded by the food they eat. These are the fascinating diets of children from different cultures.

If you have children, you’ll probably know how difficult it is to get them to eat whatever you want them to eat. You might carefully disguise those vegetables in a spaghetti bolognese, but you can bet they’ll find them and pick them out. Children’s diets are complex enough as it is, but have you ever considered what differences there are between cultures? Photographer Gregg Segal was fascinated by what children from all around the world ate, so he made it his mission to document their different diets.

Over the course of three years, Segal has been to nine different countries and taken photos of children from a range of different cultures. However, there was a twist… They were surrounded by the food they eat regularly! He then put all of his findings into a book called ‘Daily Bread: What Kids Eat Around the World,’ explaining that he focused on children as our eating habits “start young.” Here’s an interesting insight into kids’ diets from around the world – how does yours compare?

Upper Xingu Region of Mato Grosso in Brazil

Meet Kawakanih Yawalapiti, who was nine years old when Gregg Segal took her photo back in August 2018. This young girl is a part of the Yawalapiti tribe who live in the Xingu National Park, a preserve in the Amazonian Basin of Brazil. Kawakanih is surrounded by her diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, plus a lot of fish!

She explained to the photographer that it takes her just five minutes to fish for her own dinner – so when she’s hungry, she just goes to the river with her net! She also makes and eats her own tapioca.

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