13 Gout Treatment Diet You Need to Know

Gout, another aching form of arthritis, occurs when the uric acid level in the blood is high enough to cause crystals forming and building up around and in a joint.

A chemical compound called purine occurs naturally in certain foods and our body. Our bodies break down this chemical into uric acid, which is passed out from our body through urine.(Source)

A gout diet plays an integral part in reducing the level of uric in the blood. Remember, it is not a cure, but only help peter the risk of repeated gout attacks. Plus, a gout diet may help reduce the progressing damage of your joint.

While Individuals dealing with gout still need to make use of medication to cope with the pain, it’s advisable to stick to a gout treatment diet to mitigate the levels of uric acid.


At least a couple of research results showed that cherries could help in the treatment of gout. At the 2010 annual meeting of the European League Against Rheumatism, a small study was presented, indicating that patients who took one tsp. of concentrated cherry juice two times per day for more than four months noticed at least their gout attacks reduce to about 50%.

In a 2012 study, fewer gout attacks were experienced by patients who used cherry extracts or ate cherries in two days following the consumption of cherry than the next two days when they did not consume cherry extract or cherries. Plus, research suggests cherries may be helpful in treat gout, as it contains compounds to help reduce the levels of uric acid, and also, attenuate inflammation.(Source)

healthoftheday 13 Gout Treatment Diet You Need to Know
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