15 Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil Around Your Home

Coconut oil has spent its fair amount of time in the spotlight for being a health product of the moment. But do you really know all the ways this elixir can be used? With help from A Clean Bee, we take a look at 15 unusual uses for coconut oil around your home. (Page 8 may surprise you — it certainly surprised us!)

1. Works as an all-natural bug repellant

healthoftheday bug repellant clean bee coconut coconut oil door hinge 15 Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil Around Your Home
Putting coconut oil on the skin| belchonock/ iStock/ Getty Images

That’s right. While the oil itself isn’t going to chase mosquitoes away, there are in fact compounds in coconut oil that can act as a bug repellant. This concoction from CoconutOil.com pairs it with peppermint, lavender, and other essential oils to create a non-toxic formula.

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