6 Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Many factors would cause our teeth to lose their bright sparkle and become dull over time. Foods can build up and stain the outer layer called enamel. This eventually makes them look yellow. In most cases, this form of discoloration would be treated with frequent cleaning. Read on this article to learn more about 6 simple ways to whiten your teeth naturally.

Dietary Changes

To whiten your teeth, it is important to eliminate foods that would stain them. Drinks and products containing tannins like tea or wine should be avoided. The same holds true for juices, dark sodas, dark berries, as well as coffee. Acidic foods would wear down the enamel over time and make your teeth become yellow. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of these products, especially citrus fruits. Alternatively, brush your teeth before eating them to avoid acidic effects.(Source)

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