Staph Infection Causes

Staph infection is a condition triggered by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of germs often found in your nose or skin. In most cases, these bacteria don’t cause any issues or only lead to relatively minor infections. However, staph infections would be life-threatening when the bacteria go deeper into the body and enter the bloodstream, heart, lungs, bones, or joints. In fact, more and more people are diagnosed with this infection due to the following causes.

Unwashed Items

Family members, intimate friends, and couples often share personal items such as towels or sheets. Nevertheless, this can increase the risk of spreading staph bacteria. Keep in mind that the infection would easily cling to these objects and spread to other people. When you wipe the skin with the towel of an infected person, you are transmitting the bacteria to your body, allowing them to enter your cracked or dry skin and to cause problems. Thus, avoid sharing some personal items, such as bedding, clothes, towels, sheets, or razor with other people. Also, wash bedding and clothing in hot water on a regular basis to get rid of staph infection. (Source)

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