30 Ways To Get Your Cardio On If You Hate Running

Are you sick of turning to running to get your cardio workout? People love running, but it’s not for everyone, and these alternative cardio workouts provide an escape from the ‘boring’ cardio exercise everyone knows.

healthoftheday 30 Ways To Get Your Cardio On If You Hate Running

Most people who are into exercise know that running is great cardio, but the sport isn’t for everyone. You see those people who get up at like 5 am just to go for a run and wonder what it is that they love so much about their feet slapping the sidewalk. There are also a bunch of injuries that come with running, and shin splints are very common for those who hit the road regularly.

For other people, it’s the monotony of running that makes the exercise a real struggle, and running on a treadmill can be particularly uninspiring. Doing cardio sessions each week is essential though, as it helps us to have healthy hearts while keeping our lungs in top shape.

Thankfully there’s more than one way to get your heart pumping, and if running isn’t for you, we know a bunch of great alternatives. Not only are these alternatives great for people who don’t like running, some of them actually burn more calories too! Check out our alternative to running cardio exercises.

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